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Welcome to HIDDEN Innovation


HIDDEN project is co-funded by the Operational Programme MED 2007 – 2013 and intends to support innovation in the sense of business development, marketing and organization (hidden or soft innovation) and thus ensure high-growth potential & sustainable development in terms of competitiveness and employment in MED area. The project aims at strengthening the innovation capacity and competencies of relatively small and “low tech” SMEs by putting great emphasis on the non technological dynamics of innovation and promoting organizational, marketing and business development operations. The partnership is leaded by the Region of Epirus (Greece) and consists of the following partners: - Business Innovation Center of Epirus (Greece) - Local Development Agency Langhe Monferrato Roero (Italy) - Parco Tecnologico Padano Foundation (Italy) - NERSANT - The Enterprises Association of the Santarem Region (Portugal) - Interdepartmental Research Centre LUPT- Territorial Town Planning Laboratory- University of Naples (Italy) - Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Marseille Province (France) - Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Navigation of Castellon (Spain).

HI Platform: http://www.soft-innovation.eu/


HI Platform has been developed under the framework of EU Funded project “HIDDEN – Hidden Innovation Initiatives for SMEs”.

The focus of the HI Platform is to provide insights and tools that will promote Organisational Innovation (e.g. implementation of new organisational methods in workplace) and Marketing Innovations such as significant changes in product design, packaging, promotion or pricing. Additionally, its concept covers the notion of Business Model Innovation that captures novel operations including the components and functions of the business and interactions with other entities that differentiates a company and thus puts it in a unique position in its industry.

You can also assess your SME’s Innovation Management capabilities in your market by filling in the Self Assessment Questionnaire (UNHIDEit) that you can find in the HI Platform.

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